Welcome to Villa Insikt, because here begins the road to awareness and wellbeing.

You may choose to come to Villa Insikt,
simply to spend time with yourself or with your friends.

Give yourself the opportunity to reflect, recuperate and increase your awareness of yourself and your needs, by spending time in our fantastic environment.

Villa Insikt is situated in the middle of the elongated village Innansjön, and beautifully situated with the forest room in the north, open countryside and the lake in the south and with a silence that can only be experienced.

You can just rent a room, but also participate in one of our activities.

This is some of our activities with guide

Digital Detox, Shinrin Yoku = Forrest Bath, Retreat, Reflective walk, Mindfulness.

Open all year around

Price per double room (twin beds) 825kr per night/person.

Language: Swedish/English

For more information about Villa Insikt and our activities.

Send a mejl to: info@villainsikt.se

Activities nearby without guide

Hiking trails, barbecue sites, caves and rock climbing, refreshing bath in lake and river, fishing in lakes and rivers.

We also helps with buying fishing license and book activities through other companies nearby.

Fishing in Stora Bygdeträskets Fiskevårdsområde

Welcome to us, enjoy the silens and slow living, nature and yourself